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We stay on top of the laws & legislation so you don't have to. With a mentoring and coaching program and wide range of services built to help you to gain and sustain your certifications, at Approved Safety Solutions, we've got you covered!

We care about your business, and want health and safety to feel easy. We use legally sound, professional methods to coach you to succeed.

Our Owner/Operator Amy Kuntz knows hard labour. With a grandfather who built Kuntz Seismic Drilling and a family in the trades, it runs in her blood. Amy started her own career as a medic on the rigs in 2004, and quickly found her passion in safety. After over 10 years working and growing as an HSE professional, she opened Approved Safety Solutions in 2015 to realize her passion for providing health, safety and environmental services that are led with empathy, and focused on simple, empowering, and effective methods to support businesses and individuals.

Our approach is centred on empathy. Often when things aren’t in compliance, it’s not intentional. People have been taught wrong, or the system was set up before the current staff were involved. Health and Safety programs exist, but they’re not being followed because they haven’t been integrated into the workflow.

Using a basic route analysis, Approved Safety Solutions can investigate incidents to find the root causes. By addressing both the situation and what caused it, we focus on wraparound solutions that will last by building trust, and empower both management and staff to be a part of the solution.


To keep your business “in the green”, we actively mentor and counsel employees with a health and safety management system.
Using gap analysis and incident investigation, we engage with companies with empathy to build trust with your employees, find real solutions, and ensure your success. With experience in adult learning and proven educational methods, we use simple tools to make
it clear and easy.

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While most health and safety professionals focus on one area, Approved Safety Solutions has a breadth of experience that means we can be flexible and adaptable, finding the best solutions for your needs and your business.

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Daryl Melzer

Owner, Ironheadz

Approved Safety Solutions assisted us with our HSE program for over a year. They helped us obtain our SECOR designation, it was a smooth process with their assistance.

Chris Tobler

VP, Derek Casing

Approved Safety Solutions assisted us with program development implementation. We went from a SECOR to a COR designation with their help. It was a great experience we recommend using them.


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