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Transportation Safety

Approved Safety Solutions can help you achieve and maintain compliance with Federal or Provincial Transportation Regulations. 


Program Includes:

Canada’s National Safety Code (NSC) for commercial vehicles consists of 16 individual standards, used by all Canadian jurisdictions to enhance the safety of truck and bus carriers. First introduced to Alberta carriers in 1988, most of these standards were contained within Alberta regulations. Others related to medical and record retention standards have been added since. Any authorized driver of a bus or truck as defined within the program must comply with NSC standards.

Under the NSC, carriers must obtain a Safety Fitness Certificate and maintain an acceptable Safety Fitness Rating. Approved Safety Solutions can create a safety and maintenance program for your company to cover all aspects of the National Safety Code. This program is for provincially or federally registered carriers to meet all the legal requirements for transportation safety and maintenance policies.

  • Authorized Drivers

  • Safe Use & Operation

  • Proper Record Keeping

  • Complying with the Law

  • Safety Equipment

  • Driver Conduct & Discipline

  • Driver Evaluations

  • Record Retention

  • Driver Qualifications

  • Safe Vehicles

  • Training

  • Maintenance & Inspections

  • National Safety Code

Let us help you achieve and maintain compliance with Federal or Provincial Transportation Regulations.

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