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Experience the benefits of an Energy Safety Canada COR

The COR process requires employers to develop and implement a health and safety program that meets provincial standards. This process results in:

  • Improved worker safety

  • Reduced costs associated with lost productivity, replacement worker training, property damage, and incident investigation

  • Reduced legal risk exposure


Reduce injuries and illness

By identifying and assessing a workplace’s risks, we can systematically control hazards to protect your people. Building a culture of proactive workplace health and safety benefits everyone.


Enhance financial performance
by reducing costs


Businesses with a COR see significant returns on their investment through reduced premiums and claims costs, as well as savings on costs associated with lost productivity and replacement worker training.

Approved Safety Solutions is a Certifying Partner for the COR program. We develop these programs in consultation with industry employers, ensuring that your specific industry needs and risks are addressed.

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We have certified auditors that provide frontline services to companies in the oil and gas industry. Whether you're seeking certification, maintenance audits, or improvement in your health and safety management system, we've got you covered.


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Streamline Audits Across the Provinces

Energy Safety Canada is the only Certifying Partner in Canada that provides COR protocols that are cross-jurisdictional, which means only one audit is required for a company operating in the three western provinces – saving you time and money.

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