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Safety Program Development

We care about your business, and want health and safety to feel easy. We use legally sound, professional methods to coach you to succeed.


Our Approach

Safety Program Services

We stay on top of the laws and legislation so you don’t have to, and make sure you’re covered.

We can provide support with:




Safety Manuals & Documentation

Including documentation gap audits ​

In-House Orientation Development

Custom program development, including worksite safety orientation assistance for your business

Safe Work Practices

We use experience in best practices across a range of industries to ensure your procedures are streamlined, efficient, effective, and empowering for you and your employees

With experience in adult learning and proven educational methods, we use simple tools to make it clear and easy to “get it in the green”.

Our approach is centred on empathy. Often when things aren’t in compliance, it’s not intentional. People have been taught wrong, or the system was set up before the current staff were involved. Health and Safety programs exist, but they’re not being followed because they haven’t been integrated into the workflow. By using a basic route analysis, Approved Safety Solutions can investigate incidents to find the root causes. By addressing both the situation and what caused it, we focus on wraparound solutions that will last by building trust, and empowering both management and staff to be a part of the solution.

Let us help you develop your
Safety Program today!


Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)

Including complete, comprehensive information for everything needed to implement and manage an effective safety management plan. Informed by your scope of work, including project size, pre-project documentation, location, subcontractor requirements, etc., your plan will include:

  • Contact information and project details

  • subcontractor management

  • statement of responsibilities

  • training and competency

  • violence and harassment policy

  • site safety rules 

  • hazard identification, risk

  • assessment and control

  • WHMIS 

  • personal protective equipment  emergency procedures

  • locations for medical attention and evacuation meeting points

  • emergency communications plan  worksite inspections 

  • accident investigations

  • return to work program

Farm Safety




While most health and safety professionals focus on one area, Approved Safety Solutions has a breadth of experience that means we can be flexible and adaptable, finding the best solutions for your needs and your business.



Oil & Gas

What sets us apart is our experience.

Sectors we work with

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